Design Point: The Fake Hand Tied Bouquet


This last Sunday’s arrangement was in honor of a wedding, and so I wanted to do something wedding related. I thought maybe a basket with foam or something like that. But then I ended up with all these flowers, and no greens. I’m starting to enjoy summer’s flower prices, I can get so many flowers that I rarely need to buy greens most weeks. Here, we have very pale blush roses, purple stock, white lilies, green hypericum berries, red aster-daisy things (I’m not exactly sure what they are), and in the back are sunflowers.

While contemplating what to do, a nice hand tied bouquet came to mind, but I didn’t want to use the stock whole, as that would have been awkward and very large. Foam bouquet holders also aren’t something I have yet, although I’d really like get some. Then, I remembered seeing this video on youtube, where a florist creates a huge European hand tied arrangement with floral foam–a cheat, but a beautiful, stable cheat. Now, creating hand tied arrangements is an art in itself, and not one that I’ve yet mastered. Why not cut up some foam and give it a try?

This design technique uses floral foam to create what looks like a hand tied bouquet. This a common type of bouquet used in weddings as bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, and in Europe they are often quite large, as in the video. To make it natural looking, one takes the stems from the flowers and inserts them into the foam at the bottom to create the handle, so that it looks like a natural hand tied bouquet.


As you can see, mine turned out pretty well. It was one of those weeks where I went in taking a big chance. If it didn’t work out, all the flowers would be cut short, and there would have been little else to do with them, except a low foam basket. I did have a few problems with some falling out, but they got fixed. Some of the problems were because this was smaller than the size foam I usually work with. Otherwise it was just like using foam. It didn’t longer than usual, either. Obviously the red flowers didn’t get used here–they just didn’t seem to fit in. Lastly, some leaves from the hydrangea were appropriated as a backing for the underside, and put on with glue dots. This is even lovelier in person, and I hope it held up for the people who sponsored the week.

The down side from this week, I found out that my floral adhesive exploded inside the box at some point…don’t keep it in the car. Which is where I generally keep my box of flower things, since our apartment is tiny and full. Not sure what the next post will be, but so far I’ve done quite a bit over here on WordPress. I’m liking it so far, it’s much more connected to other blogs and people and the service.


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