The Lost Art of Mixing


As promised, Mom lent me the sequel to The School of Essential Ingredients, which I reviewed previously, entitled The Lost Art of MixingWhile this story continues the story of several of the characters: Lilian, Tom, Chloe, and Isabelle, while adding characters connected to these people. I must admit, my initial reaction to the major chance in Lilian’s life, which I won’t mention for those who will read the book, wasn’t very good. But it grew on me. Mostly because it seems to come out of the blue. Isabelle, and one of the new characters, Finnegan, really carry this book. Isabelle’s memory is always wandering in and out, and it’s an interesting study on a common problem among older people. It inspired me to write some wandering memories for one of my oldest characters, although he isn’t losing his mind.

What this book is missing is the focus on food and cooking. There is both food and cooking in the story, but it’s much less in the foreground, and more used to serve the plot instead. Bauermeister hasn’t lost her easy-reading writing style, and there are interesting characters. Overall a nice book, but not as good as The School of Essential Ingredients.


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