Apple Cider Pork Loin with Onions

Now that it’s fall and harvest season, I seem to have become very busy at nights. I don’t usually use my crock pot very much, but lately I’ve been using it quite a bit, and it’s rather nice. I’ve now made the same pork loin recipe in the crock pot, very simple with just a few ingredients. It shredded very nicely when cooked, and there was plenty of juice left, as well. It has a nice, light flavor, especially when eaten with the onions and dipped in the juice.

Apple Cider Port Loin with Onions


1 pork loin

1–2 cups sliced onion

1/2 cup diced carrots

1 bottle hard apple cider

salt, pepper, and herbs to taste

1/2 cup BBQ sauce, optional


Cover the bottom of the pot with the onions, and then carrots. Cut the pork loin if necessary so that it fits in the pot, and then season with salt and pepper. Put it on top of the vegetables and pour in the cider. Top with fresh or dried herbs as desired. If using BBQ, spread over the top of the pork. Cook on low until fully cooked. Shred and serve with the vegetables and juice.


I haven’t had an opportunity to get a picture for this yet, but it may come later.