Spaghetti with Clams

2015-03-06 17.20.30
Spaghetti with clams, artichokes, tomatoes, and herbed cheese.

Everyone has their comfort foods, and sometimes I find myself craving a delicious pasta dish. That usually involves ample amounts of white sauce, but sometimes it’s just plain tomato sauce or something like this. Luckily, we had the right ingredients around for it, and it was delicious. Pasta often gets a bad rap for being common and cheap, but the right pasta on a day when you need a pick up or a nice warm meal works wonders.

Spaghetti in with Clams

1 box spaghetti

1 quart ham stock, plus water

1 can chopped clams

1 small jar artichoke hearts, chopped

1 can diced tomatoes

2-4 Tbsp of herbed cheese spread


Put stock in a pot and add enough water to cook pasta. Drain and leave pasta in a sieve. Cook clams and artichoke in pot with butter, and add tomatoes when close do done. Finish off with cheese spread. Add as much pasta back into the pot as you like, and cook everything together until heated through. Plate as desired and serve.


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