2015 Philedelphia Flower Show

Mom and I have gone to the Philadelphia Flower Show ever year since high school, and have yet to miss one. This year, she became a PHS member and got 4 tickets, so Dad and DH joined us. This is probably a one-time thing, but it was nice to be able to share it with them. It is the largest flowers show in the world, and I am of the firm opinion that everyone aught to go at least once in their life.

There are two reasons for this. One is experience. The other is to see what’s possible, and what people can do with both plants and flowers, even in an indoor environment. Where else can one see sections of forests and country meadows on built on a convention floor? Or floral arrangements literally a dozen feet tall or more? It’s quite an experience, usually one in which you’re bumping into someone every time you turn around, but worth the crowding and sore feet (Mom enjoys the shopping and we make a full day of it between the displays and vendors).

This Year’s Highlights (in no particular order)


1. Cinderella. While there was a huge table display sponsored by Disney, I’m talking about the one in the aisle of princesses. A more lush and romantic display would be hard to find. The movie was very good, and I do recommend it.

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2. Gene London’s costume collection. I enjoy historical fashion and the history of clothing, so seeing so many costumes from famous and classic movies was great. The $5 fee was worth every penny, and goes toward maintaining the collection. Included were Audrey Hepburn’s pink rose dress and black and white gown from My Fair Lady, Marilyn Monroe’s white dress, several costumes from Gone with the Wind, and Charlton Heston’s rags from Planet of the Apes. The one disappointment was that Scarlet’s white and green ball gown from Gone with the Wind was locked in the tea room and we could only see it from afar.



3. The Chinese garden inspired by Mulan. This landscape display was full of the most beautiful peony bushes, something we don’t normally see at the show, as well as a pond with some lovely ceramic fish.


4. The Nightmare Before Christmas display. I’m not sure what I can say other than simply provide some images. It was epic, but didn’t come out so well in my photos.


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