Life, Fennel, and a Musical

I haven’t put much on here lately; pictures are mostly what I’ve done and Facebook seems easier for that. And there’s a separate website for my writing stuff ( I’m not sure, at the moment, what’s going to appear here now, for the most part. Journaling and writing about my life aren’t very interesting to me; that’s what I write for.

Fennel-sq jpg

For now, let’s talk about fennel. Mom recently introduced this root vegetable to me, and it’s delicious. The bulb and young, tender stalks are edible, which older stalks grow hard and aren’t good for eating. Raw, it has a strong anise scent and flavor; this mellows a lot when cooked, and it’s great with onions, simple seasoning, butter, and a little white wine. I’ve got a few other recipes to try it with, so we’ll see how that goes.

Otherwise, life seems to be pretty simple right now. Finances are tight, so there’s not much to go out and do or spend money on. DH has tons of seminary homework, and I try to keep up with cooking and the dishes. So we’ll see what happens the next couple months as we try to stay motivated.


One thing that’s helped me lately is just making plans without DH. He’s only in his second semester, so we’re still figuring things out. But I get out of the house and get to do things with friends, and he has uninterrupted study time. This past Sunday, I got to see My Fair Lady in the theater with a friend, and it was great getting to see all the big numbers and costumes on the big screen. All the closeup shots of flowers–especially peonies–during the overture and intermission I’ve always found quite lovely.


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