November is fast approaching, and I’ve only decided within the last few days to attempt novel writing month again this year after a few years on hiatus. Between work and  life, I feel like I might have a shot this year. The planning stages, though…I’ve done a little. I’m really going to have to pull the outlining and new characters together within the next 4 days.

At the moment, I plan to mostly work on three stories: Contessa, Amia, and Mally & Les.


This is a story that has hung around in my head for years as one of the Lupa canon stories, but has never been worked on. The only material I’ve got is a writing exercise which has set the tone for the kind of story this will be–hopefully quite different than most of the other Lupa stories. Contessa is an up and coming young British actress who by chance becomes friends with someone in her travels–but what happens when he reveals is secrets to her may not have a happy ending. To be honest, I know more about Contessa’s backstory than her personality or what’s going to happen in this story. Discovering that’s going to be fun.


Amia is a new character originally created for play, and I’ve rather stumbled across an idea for her story only yesterday. She’s turning into an interesting character, and here I’ll be able to set out her backstory and a world of Faerie. It will be new territory for me in writing, and hopefully a good one.

Mally & Les

This story, unlike the others, has been around quite a while and has various chapters written. I’m hoping to get some new material out for it this year. While some of my stories (ok, many) involve people with problems, in this story that takes center stage as these two characters are majorly mentally unwell in some areas of their lives and try to deal with that in their daily lives. It is a Lupa canon story, and also deals with issues of trust and omission.

So that’s my plan for the moment. I still need to complete character sheets for Contessa and Amia, outline a more chapters for all, and build some character wardrobes. Totally doable in 4 day, right?

Do comment with your stories if you plan to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, I’d love to hear what others are doing.


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