NaNoWriMo Update: Day 5

So, it is day 5 of National Novel Writing Month, and I am well on my way at a comfortable one and a half days ahead. Unlike some of my friends, who can just sit down and pound out 3,000–4,000 words a day, my writing is the slow and steady type. It works well for me, and that’s how I win NaNoWriMo when I do.

Honestly, 1,667 words is a lot for me in one day. I tend to write for a total of 80 minutes a day, and take my time to formulate both scenes and words in my head, as well as background information, before putting pen to page or fingers to typing. However, whether or not we reach the goal, the experience is a fun rush to the finish. Constantly coming up with that much new material is daunting, but stretches us as writers and in some ways forces us to be more creative.

At the moment, I have worked on story one, Contessa. Chapter 1 is finished and Chapter 2 started. I’ve also worked on story one, Amia, with the same level of completion. Amia’s has been more interesting so far, as I am starting from scratch and deciding what the canon for this Faerie story will be. It’s also a lot of fun to work in straight up fantasy again rather than a lot of the science fiction I’ve concentrated on in the last few years.

We’ll see how things go as the month progresses, but right now I’m happy with my level of output, if not the crapiness of the writing–editing abundant will be needed in December.