It’s All About the Rose

I’ve had a particular album in may music library for a while, piano with some strings. However I tend to listen to everything on shuffle, and it wasn’t until listening straight through the album a time or two that I realized how lovely it is. My preference for upbeat music is well known, but this is restful and unhurried, and exactly what I need to be listening to right now.

The album is “It’s All About the Rose” by Karen Marie Garret. Being picky with music and often unsatisfied, this was an unlikely candidate to pull me in and keep me interested, but it has. While soothing, the pieces are also interesting, and I’ve used it both for rest and writing. It tends to lend itself to several different moods, including both sad and hopeful. My top two tracks are “Vinot and the Sea Bird” and “Daydreams,” but all of the tracks are good.

The album is available on Amazon prime music so if you have that do give it a listen, especially if you’re a pianist.



It’s been quite a while since I posted anything (November 5, apparently), so I figured I would update on what’s been going on. NaNoWriMo was completed in time, and I have been slowly rewriting the material between working on other projects. Amia’s story was something I really did enjoy working on, and once it’s edited/rewritten hopefully I’ll have fun writing more draft material.

The End of the Lupa has been on my plate a lot since then, however, and I have been accumulating draft material for the most important and tragic few weeks of that story. There’s a lot of different sections I wrote at different times and it’s going to need come major continuity editing and decisions on direction.

As for the non-writing world, I’ve been taking a break from a lot of the usual weekend cooking I usually do, and we managed to catch a movie this weekend. And quite spontaneously at that, something I hardly ever do. DH thinks I put a lot of pressure on myself to cook and clean on weekends, and he’s probably right.

Up this week are some cooking of dinners, getting more of the Lupa story straightened out, and preparing for some events with the upcoming three day weekend, mosh of which I’ve already booked.  That will either be great or a disaster by the time I get back to work on Tuesday.