Writing exercise: Faraway

The forest of Faraway lies along the borders of several kingdoms, although none more important than the lands of Ambergelder and Phantasmorania. While the story of Princess Amy is the  most well-known of the tales from this region, the forest holds many others, yet untold in most kingdoms. The chiefest of these, of course, is the tale of the two travelers. Like Amy, they sought refuge in Faraway. But what they found there turned out to be quite different.

Forests like Faraway are much more alive than smaller, newer ones. It allows far fewer people within, keeping it’s inhabitants to animals and members of the fair folk and other such magical beings. Such magic rubs off, and far before Princess Amy first ran into its borders as a child, the vast network of trees was aware.  In most people, the aware-ness provokes feelings of warning, uncertainty, and danger. But there are those who don’t heed it, and such people always return with stories to tell.



Note: This exercise is based on The Ordinary Princess by M. M. Kay. “Faraway” immediately brought to mind the forest of Faraway in this story, which I have loved and read for many years. It wasn’t until today that I thought of all the other stories that may have taken place there.




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