Writing exercise: Beach

It wasn’t a particularly sunny day, and the wind had kicked up a bit since running around in the surf that afternoon. They’d wondered away from Nate’s family in a bit of fun, chasing each other down the beach in an ice cream fueled game of tag. Close to the old pier, it stretched out into the bay, and he reached for her hand with an inviting smile. A glance back showed her they were mostly unobserved, and she darted after him under the wooden structure.

It was a bit cooler there, and without the wind he took the liberty of letting her hair loose from the low ponytail at the nape of her neck. His hand was still in her hair as he leaned forward to kiss her, much more aggressively than in front of the others. The cool taste of mint on his tongue made her shiver in his arms, and he opened an eye to make sure she was okay. He needn’t have worried; she was as into him as he was her, he thought with a chuckle.

“What?” she asked, between kisses.

“Nothing,” he murmured, pulling her closer. They couldn’t expect to get much time to themselves, after all.




Note: This is a part of Eiry’s stories, which has been in my head for a while, but not written. The beach prompt brought it to mind.


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