Writing exercise: Misplaced

“Do you think she could have been misplaced?” Yumiko asked, peering down at the small sleeping form in the box. They’d gathered in the work room in consternation, wondering.

“Not from the message that came with her, it was astral,” Eiry said.

“Oh! Well, who could have done it?”

“No one that we’re aware,” Edar said from the nearby stool. “You were here, Richard, did it feel hostile?”

“I..well-” he broke off a minute. “I don’t really know, I didn’t know anything was going on until Eiry said something. What I felt was probably just me, or what I felt from her.”

“Well, it was really scary.”

There didn’t seem to be much to say after that, and they all just stared at the baby for a while, wondering what would happen. Would someone come looking for her? Should they take her down to the police station? Surely she’d change…a pack, maybe, so the speaker network could ask?

And yet, Eiry was fairly certain that there wouldn’t be anyone looking. And that voice in her head surely didn’t think the baby was simply “misplaced.”



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