Writing exercise: Abandoned

It was the middle of the night; no one was around. The perfect time to sneak a peek at things. Sitting on the floor, she work her way back to the beginning. Most people didn’t even know she could read at five. Maybe not all the big words, but enough to understand. The others she could look up.

Making sure the hall was still undisturbed, she slid open the drawer marked M–S. Flashlight in her mouth to hold the light steady, she flipped back to S, knowing with a name line hers she’d be first. Her file was getting thick with all the reasons no one wanted her.

Flipping through the pages to the latest note first, about the Kings, who had returned her after only 2 weeks. She’d had a nightmare, and it was always scary waking up to a storm she couldn’t control. “Unmanageable,” “impossible to connect to,” “uncontrollable temper.” “Steals and breaks things.” No one ever told the real reason.

And then she got to the beginning, her data profile and the report from when she’d been put into the system. She’d always told she’d been given up, but further questions were never answered.What weren’t they telling her? The medical report and data she skipped, and went down to the intake.

“Discovered by bar worker at 3:14 AM. Called 911, police dispatched and delivered to child services.” Addresses and details of personnel were listed, but none of that mattered. She came from no where. Some woman had literally thrown her away. In a dumpster. Abandoned.


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