How to Take Tea



I especially enjoy both preparing and having tea, especially the little sandwiches. The quest to make ever more perfect little food is a stimulating challenge. But throughout history, the etiquette for taking tea has become blurred, and even those of us who have an interest in such things don’t always know whether something was proper in Victorian teas, or now, or when. But it’s always nice to know how something was done, even if we do it differently now.

Thankfully, Sherra Hamer over at Tea and Scandal has done some of this research for us, and has put up a great post on it here. She has a knack for giving information in a delightful way, and I enjoyed seeing the different aspects addressed here. Definitely go check it out, if this kind of thing interests you. Even if it doesn’t, you don’t always know when you’re going to be writing a Victorian story, or when you might be invited to tea!


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