Writing Exercise: Hike

Miara climbed out of the wreckage of the transport vehicle, half obscured in smoke. Several hundred yards away, their pilot was coming closer to see if she needed help, while Daniel and Gritha were running from much further away. Once she was down on the sand, she waved to signal she was alright.

I’m okay, she told Daniel. How about you?

I’m fine, Mi-na. What are we going to do?

We’ll have to see, she said, setting out toward them. Once they all met, she put down the bags, stuffed with whatever she’d been able to grab.

“Why don’t we see what we have,” Gritha said. “How close were we to the nearest city?” he asked the pilot, shielding his eyes with a hand as he looked back the way they’d come.

“Quite a ways, by foot,” he said. “At least we have the water bag.”

“Too bad we weren’t carrying much food,” Daniel said. “How many snacks are left?”

“Meat jerky and a handful of nuts,” she said.

The pilot, meanwhile, had picked up a small device from what she’d stuffed in the one empty sack they’d had, walking in a circle around them as it gathered information. Without much more talk, Miara and Gritha repacked all the bags with equal weight and food, and Daniel sat, conserving energy.

Finally, the pilot came back to the group. “We’re definitely much closer to Nirveth, at least. It should take 2–3 days on foot, though if we’ll last that long…”

“You’re native, and we’re Lupa,” Miara said. “We’ll make it. Do we even know if the mayday got out?”

“I don’t know. The communication line went down so quickly after the explosion I can’t be sure. And this device doesn’t have any communication built in, it’s just for mapping.

“Then between it and our astral mapping, we won’t have to worry about getting lost.”

“Quite true,” Gritha said, handing out the bags. “Hopefully someone will come pick us up.”

Miara and Daniel changed to fur, bags slung over their backs, before starting out in front of the other two. If not, it’ll be quite a hike.


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