Writing Exercise: Dilemma

After what seemed like hours, the door of the control room slid open with yet another gust of foul air. While they waited, hands over noses, they could see something floating in the center of the chamber.

“I thought this was supposed to be the control room,” Caroline said.

“It is,” Rai said, scanning the room with his enhanced eyesight. “The stations are dark, that’s all. Aes was right.”

“Then was is that thing?”

“It looks like an Old One,” Solartiger said. “Though here? All this time? Can that be right?”

“It appears to be…” Rai said, taking a closer look at it.

“Lumos maxima,” Caroline muttered, sending a bright ball of light into the room.

“It can’t be, but it is,” Rai said. “That looks exactly like an old stasis tube Aes used to use, on a much larger scale.”

“Could it be a fake?”

“We don’t know without Aes here to scan everything properly. Wait…” He searched for a bug device in the knapsack he carried, and found a tiny one. “Let’s see what this says.”

While Rai was busy watching the bug, Caroline and Solartiger shared a look. If that thing was real, then Rai was the one who should deal with it; he had the skills and tools to handle that kind of dark power. They couldn’t let it free, and Caroline knew she was the least useful. Solartiger at least had some experience. He checked over his armor while she strengthened some of her spells.



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