Writing Exercise: Tree



I have always liked high places. Being able to see the lay of the land while thinking through a problem or situation helps one see the big picture. A picture which is becoming ever more vast as time goes on. When I was very young, I would try to forget my troubles, and could disappear from the world for hours simply by climbing a tree. Then, I learned to use it better; to think, or to let go. Sometimes, they are one in the same.

Kolle trees, the only ones we have left, aren’t particularly high. Instead, there are other tall ones to use, from a planet no one remembers now. But they are some of the tallest we’ve seen, tall and broad and straight with clumps of buds and leaves in the spring and summer. Way at the top are a mass of branches, and above that, a large flat area where one can sit and look out–if you can make it up there. There are long stretches without holds, and the tops sway a lot. It’s gentle, almost rocking at times.

It makes me wish we were back Home, in the tinne forests.


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