Writing Exercise: Daring


Miara dropped down into the garden on the other side of the wall, lying low behind some large bushes of grass and leaves. The soldiers rushed by out on the street, none the wiser, and in a few moments she crept forward to get a better view of the garden. She only had a glimpse, however, of a large desert-type garden before the view was obscured by a pair of golden eyes. The fur around them was striped, and she realized it was a tiger growling at her.

Hello, she said, reaching out astrally to assure it that she was friendly, and not a threat. While it was quite startled–most animals hadn’t ever experienced something like that before–it remained quite suspicious of her. Not breaking the stare, she sat up a bit, slowly showing her hands.

I know I smell different, I’m not from around here. I just need somewhere to stay a few minutes.

While convincing animals to trust her produced varied results, greatly dependent upon species, she was better at it than most others she’d seen try it. It took a little while, but finally she was able to hold out a hand for sniffing at, and a little while later proved she knew the best places to pet.


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