Writing exercise: Tea

via Daily Prompt: Tea

Elida was steeping tea when Tram, the weekly running in their area, came by with a letter. The folding was Jax’ work, and she smiled.

“Tea’s nearly ready if you’d like a cup,” she said. “Or something else?”

“No, I’m alright. I’m staying with Vromola, and will be going back though tomorrow if you want to reply right away.”

“Alright, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye!” Then he was off, and she took the letter in see about the tea. Most of it went in a pitcher for the ground box to get cold, but she saved to cups for when Mezil returned from cleaning the water tank.

Sitting on the chair in the public room, the citrusy scents of the tea filling the room from the cups next to her, she unfolded the letter. It only took a few words to establish that it wasn’t his normal sort of letter. Leaning forward, she read it a few times, paying attention to what he was both saying and not saying.

Mezil, get down here!

Eh? What’s the matter?

Nothing, it’s Jax. You have to read this.

He was already on his way down, and didn’t respond over the bond as he appeared in the public room shortly. “What’s he say?” he asked, taking the paper from her to read. “Well, looks like he took a mate. That Terran girl he’s been mentioning?”

“I think so. But him, mated, at his age. We’ll have to meet her!”

“Yes, I suppose so. Good for him. He’s always known what he wants. Is that fresh tea?” He asked, noticing the cups on the side table.

“Yes, but this is important news, a big step in his life.”

“And I’m sure he’s doing fine. He’s let us know, and that’s that,” he said, picking up a cup. But he went and stood by the window, taking the occasional sip, and Elida could tell he was pleased.


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