The Culture of Delivery

via Daily Prompt: Delivery

The last day or two of writing has been focused on the delivery of a baby. Naturally, not just any baby, but the first baby after almost the entire species has been wiped out by a super-plague. However, that’s not the most unusual thing about it. Of all the Lupa stories and plans I’ve written, and all the children people have had, only 2 birth scenes have been written, one of them just yesterday.

While writing it, it occurred to me that I’d never actually revisited how Lupa do delivery. I had done a few things in the first one that stick and were a basic model. And I knew who delivers babies, and what happens with bonds. But not the mechanics of it. Now, it’s more important than ever that they know and keep their culture, and must show their new doctors how they do things. And I’m sitting there contemplating: What are the actions? What specific action do Lupa take? What certain herbs do they use?

Of course they use herbs, I think. Why wouldn’t they?

I’ve known, since Miara’s birth, that they prefer to give birth outside where possible. Now, I need to figure out how that works. They’ll need a water source, blankets, and possibly herbs to keep bugs away. What medical equipment might they take out with them? They’ll certainly need to stay close to the house, won’t they? How do they approach the afterbirth, and what do they do with the placenta?

While I’d been aware of the birthing park they have in this situation, it now has a location (next to the medical units), and was built with underground piping for fresh water at regular intervals. Directly outside the door, against the building, is a storage unit stocked with blankets, towels, and the sterilized medical accoutrements one needs. Much of it is packed into kits in large basins, later used for water, medical washes, etc. Along with these are pack of herbs, some of which are used medically if needed, and another set for washwater.

So, the mechanics are done, and I can move on…once I get the info recorded.


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