Sedum in pastelsĀ 

I like what the pastel filter has done here.

Squash noodles

The first set of vegetable noodles from the new spiralizer.

In the Kitchen: What are your tools?

Anyone who enjoys cooking or baking, or even preparing food just because they have too, has their favorites–utensils, appliances, gadgets, etc. In this post, I’ll discuss some of mine, and would love to hear both your thoughts on them and some of your favorite items.



I’m a big believer in learning how to use a proper knife, and almost always cut things up by hand to maintain that skill. Although I haven’t used a great variety of knives, my favorite so far have been a set of Miyako ceramic knives, purchased at least five years ago, maybe more, and a few paring knives from Pampered Chef. These are the sharpest knives I’ve used, and the Pampered Chef knives have a coating that helps keep things from sticking.

Although I only have one of the Miyako knives left (the 8-inch), it is my go-to knife for cutting things like herbs and small greens which can elude other knives. The only downside to the Miyako knives is that the joining with the handle can wear–the small paring knife was re-glued before breaking in a fall to the floor, and the santaku knife came to a similar fate. The blades themselves are highly durable.

The Pampered Chef knives are relatively new, and I’ve had them less than a year, but they are great and I enjoy using them.



You might ask what this tool is, as I did when I was first looking for one. It is a tool used to juice fruits such as lemons or oranges. DH got me a beautiful olive wood one for Christmas last year, and I highly regret not getting one until then. It takes mere seconds to juice half a lemon. Let me repeat: seconds. Considering how much I enjoy citrus, I love this tool so so much.

Rice Paddles and Spatulas

At the most basic level, rice paddles and spatulas are my basic go-to items for stirring and mixing of any kind, whether in a bowl or a pan on the stove. I love a multi-purpose implement, and these are two of the most versatile in my kitchen. What’s not to love about that?


Small Food Processor

food proc

I have two food processors, but if I can possibly use the smaller one, I will. Quite simply, it has far fewer pieces and is thus much easier to clean. Not to mention it doesn’t take up nearly as much space. The one I currently have had belonged to my great aunt. Although I’m not sure she ever used it, it became mine when she passed away, along with a few other things. Not only do I sometimes think of her while using it, it’s way more convenient than the large one.



My other favorite thing is a nice whisk. I’m not sure exactly why, but the ones with the metal handles just make me happy.