Better Late Than Never: NaNoWriMo Stats

November and December have passed by so fast, but things finally have some semblance of slowing down. Those months are the heaviest at work (there is no tomorrow!) and I’m still catching up on normal things. With the holidays, we’ve had various get togethers with family and friends, and holiday travels. We also both managed to get sick. I missed a cookie exchange and a day at church, but recovered well enough before Christmas, and spent 11 straight glorious days not working.

I did, however, complete NaNoWriMo (several days early). Although I planned to work primarily on Aura’s story, and set her canon, things did not go to plan. Despite writing one or two things for her, nearly every other of my characters got more attention but her. However, a lot of needed work–missing parts, really–got done, so overall, I am happy. For those interested in an account, it is:


  • Relationship with Adal
  • The missing fete
  • A hunting party
  • Adopting a Human child


  • First meeting with Sammy
  • Reflections on Aura vs. Pantea (hosting vs. reincarnation)
  • A few short paragraphs on Shadow Walker history


  • Suzie makes croissants (yum)


  • Job hunting


  • More of high school senior year
  • Nate’s wedding
  • Missing chapter after tsunami–yakisoba with a brief love interest
  • Visits between Tokyo & New York w/ Guyver
  • Wedding prep/morning/honeymoon


  • Quest
  • Weapons training
  • Garden work


  • Pickup for a Terran story
  • Possibilities for Daniel’s reaction after Miara & Trint get together


  • History for Alana and Dahan
  • Becoming friends with Jat

End of the Lupa

  • Pickups for generation ship

non-canon End piece

  • Making a living space
  • Beginning of twins’ birth

Final word count: 50,142


Although I haven’t got to much editing yet (I definitely needed time away from screens), everything’s been pieced out to where it should go in each story, and I’m looking at doing editing of the new material in the next few weeks; certainly in February if not before.





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