Fancy Dress: Regency


Quite some time ago–years, in fact–I came across a site which had¬†photos from a fancy dress or costume party on which the theme seems to have been mainly historical. I don’t recall when it was held, most likely in the later Victorian or Edwardian era. I still have some of the images, and one can tell that these are high end creations for the nobility. The dress above seems fairly regency, and I have indeed used it for a character who favors that period herself. The way the fabric sash pair together is quite elegant and simple, one of the reasons I love this dress. Often I wonder what color it was, though my mind most often makes it white with a blue sash. Rather typical, probably. But yellow or sage would be quite nice, as well.


Roses and Cream

Roses and Cream

I saw this dress at the V&A many years ago in college, and it does not cease to amaze.

Introducing Gowns

I like changing my desktop image a lot, so it’s usually set to rotate between everything in a particular folder. Recently, I changed over from the flower folder to the historical fashion folder, and now I’m remember why it so much. Some of the dresses are just amazing, so for now I think I’ll be posting some of them, starting with this one: