Fancy Dress: Late Regency

1499bThis dress looks at though it’s from the late regency period. with the fuller sleeves, bodice, and skirt. She looks quite demure, hands in her lap and fan folded. It would be nice in pink or other pastel colors.


Fancy Dress: Liberty


These twins, if memory serves, are dressed as Lady Liberty. While I’m not sure how fond I am of the shiny shiny fabric, it does reflect the torchlight well. The cord around the upper arm is a nice touch.

Fancy Dress: Maiden

1434 1435-395

I don’t recall who this lady is supposed to be, but her battle bodice is pretty awesome. Also hoping her hair is real, and not just part of the costume. The help is pretty cool, too. Overall she looks quite majestic, don’t you think?

Wisteria Kimono

Wisteria Kimono

In later Victorian and Edwardian times, kimonos were very popular as robes in the West, and many kimono companies made pieces specifically for export to America and Europe. This lovely robe has delicate wisteria, one of my favorite (purple) flowers.

Regency in Eyelet

Regency in Eyelet

Regency dress (possibly reproduction?) in blue fabric with white eyelet. The effect is lovely, and one of my characters (Eiry) got married in this dress. It was a lovely April day in a garden with tons of flowers.

Introducing Gowns

I like changing my desktop image a lot, so it’s usually set to rotate between everything in a particular folder. Recently, I changed over from the flower folder to the historical fashion folder, and now I’m remember why it so much. Some of the dresses are just amazing, so for now I think I’ll be posting some of them, starting with this one: