Writing and Stories

I have been writing since middle school, and while I have developed a main set of stories in the same continuity (see the Lupa page), there are also other characters and stories I write about. On this page, you can find some information on some of the various stories and main characters, as well a resources for writing.

The primary person I write for is me, and I am serious about writing. Please note that being serious about writing and publication do not go hand in hand, and the resources section contains writing help rather than publication tips. But please be assured that I have the same discipline and muscle as published writers when it comes to writing, and my advice is good.

Now that I’m done with the self-selling, a little about my writing life. I write primarily in bed and on my daily commute. These work well for me and there’s nothing like a writing “nap” on a Saturday afternoon if one can arrange it. Music is often integral to writing, and there’s always a notebook and pens around. Yes–I still to a lot of physical writing despite the many devices in our household.

I am eternally behind on my typing.