The Seminar Group

The Seminar Group follows the story of a small group of Lupa on Terra which comes into being in the early 21st century, first as an astral seminar for the education and connection of Speakers and other astral people, and later comes to include musicians, artists, and other such groups. It involves the coming together of Lupa from various locations and cultures throughout Terra and marks a change in how they treat both the world and what happens in it.

Founded following Eiry and Tally’s move to Tokyo, the groups are settled there and have a lot of interaction with the floral shop. The founders of the group are Uffago, Gaetano, and Svetlana, and other chief players are Nima and Miroslav, among others.



The Return of the Lion – Harry Gregson-Williams (Uffago)

Vincent – Murray Gold (Gaetano)

Pieces of Seven – Ayumi Hamasaki; Let it Go – The Piano Guys; When Angels Rise – Helen Jane Long (Nima)