Silver & Cream



Home grown 

House sitting for my parents again, and went out to bring in the ripe vegetables in the garden. There’s another pot of tomato sauce on the stove, and we have broccoli and eggplant for dinner. Not sure what I’ll do with all the peppers yet, but they should keep. I’m disproportionally excited about the eggplant.

A Trip to the Asian Market

We went down to the big Asian market in our town today, where we go a few times a hear for lunch and to stock up on some goods and try different snacks. They’ve always had a drink stall. Usually I get a hot plum tea with a plum a the bottom, but they also sell bubble tea, which I’ve never had. Until today.



I’m not a fan of tapioca pudding, or tapioca. But I decided it’s about time I tried it out, and got a green tea bubble tea. Turns out, I do like the larger gelatin tapioca used for this. And of course, the not very sweet style of green tea. It’s rather the intensity of green tea ice cream, which I’m a huge fan of. Delicious, and I’ll definitely be getting more of these in the future.




I had this with lunch, which was shared sushi and dumplings between DH, NavyVet, and me, and then fishcake udon. It’s not a soy egg, but I have a fondness for fish cakes, and always enjoy the chewy texture of udon noddles.


Afterward, we shopped at the bakery, and the grocery store. I took pics of both hauls, but alas, seem to have lost the general groceries, and I’m not getting them all out again for a pic. But it included 2 ramen bowls (finally!), Kewpie mayo, chocolate coconut ice cream balls covered in chocolate, and some of our favorite snacks, and a few Mexican sodas to try. Yes, they have a large Mexican section–much larger than our regular grocery store.



However, the baked goods include 2 cream buns, a chocolate cream roll, chocolate macaron, and, a slice of layer cake, and a sorghum sandwich cake.

Overall, a successful trip, and we’re now hanging out in the air conditioning, as the temperature went back up today, and looking forward to trying our snacks when there’s room in our bellies.

New Books!

Our local thrift store has the biggest book room, I’m going to have to clear some room for these….

Finally have a Preston Bailey design book.

Can you tell I’m into YA fantasy?

A few thoughts

While waiting for the canner to boil for bandied fruit, I stepped out to the balcony to plant the parsley from last week’s plant sale–a bit late, I know. It’s been sitting out here since Sunday. But what a pleasant surprise, coming out. It’s quite cool and rainy, and it’s just lovely sitting out here now. It’s so easy to breathe. Sometimes you don’t realize how it feels when the stove or oven’s been on, and the apartment’s full of warm, dry air.

The tree and plants on the open air are such a welcome change. I don’t mind the occasional drop or splat of rain water. It saturates all the colors into a vibrant hue, the sounds of water natural and soothing. One of the planters is growing moss, but every time I think, “but,  moss.”


Note: I wrote this sometime last year but never posted it. I don’t remember why now, but I like it.